Personal Leadership Fundaments

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Dr. Mario Alonso Puig

Associate physician in Surgery at Harvard University and specialist in General and Digestive Surgery, Dr. Mario Alonso Puig has devoted his life to exploring the impact that mental processes have on the development of our talents and levels of health, of energy and well-being that we experience, and to investigating how human potential emerges, especially in moments of adversity, uncertainty and change. Dr. Puig regularly lectures on the topics of stress, communication , leadership, entrepreneurial spirit and happiness. In 2011, he was named a member of the Leadership Council of the World Economic Forum and has been invited to speak at institutions such as the IE Business School in Madrid and the Insead Global Leadership Center in Paris. In 2012, he received the award for best communicator in health from ASEDEF and was awarded the KnowSquare 2014 Prize for exemplary dissemination. Dr. Mario Alonso Puig is the author of bestselling novels; Vivir es un asunto urgente; Ahora yo; El cociente agallas; Madera de líder; Reinventarse: tu segunda oportunidad; y La respuesta.

In this six module course, Dr. Mario Alonso Puig breaks down the fundamentals of leadership beginning with the individual leader. Working from the mind out, Dr. Puig intertwines his knowledge of the brain and human behavior to discuss the ways in which we can harness our leadership potential and overcame the greatest hurdles in both life and business. Through this course, leaders will gain tools to help them understand and address their own triggers, leadership values and worldview in order to become inspirational leaders who lead by example through a deep knowledge of self.

Module 1: The fundamentals of personal leadership: Who are you as a leader?

Module 2: Delve deeper into our preconditioned mind: Understanding your own triggers, values and worldview.

Module 3: Enter the zone of discovery: Explore the value of curiosity, humility and creativity – live in the VUCA world.

Module 4: Overcome your own limits: Challenge your existing worldview, focus your attention and unleash the power of imagination.

Module 5: Essential leadership values: Analysis of the Yerkes-Dodson curve, the allostatic load and finding your unique energy.

Module 6: Transcend yourself: Eliminate the 5 mental venoms and 4 common myths that are holding you back.

Course Content

Total learning: 34 lessons / 6 quizzes


250.00 $